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Telecom Experts Series

Preventative, Customer-Centric Revenue Assurance at Verizon Retail

A Conversation with Kathy Romano, Executive Director of Revenue Assurance & Billing, Verizon

The history of the telecom business can be thought of as a creative tension between telecom engineers and marketers.

The engineers build networks and computer systems. The marketers leverage that technology to make money.

But mediating those engineers and marketers -- and enabling them to work together in harmony - is another set of experts, the "process pros" - the behind-the-curtains people who connect the dots.

Process pros get their kicks from results and efficiency. If engineers dream of elegant software code and marketers dream of pots of gold, process fanatics dream of smoothly running workflows.

Process pros don't worry about the product being sold; they do worry whether customers are satisfied. Did Sally Jones get exactly the FiOS service features she wanted? Was she provisioned correctly? Did we bill her at the right price?

In short, the process pros are the customer's best advocate at a telecom organization. And given the complexity of today's telecom industry, when it's so easy to drop the ball, process pros have become absolutely essential to a telecom's success.